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  • Compact and very rugged design
  • Universal ESC sequence support
  • Complete Text & Graphic Printing
  • Barcode Printing
  • 3 inch Paper width
  • Cash Drawer Supported
  • Nine-Pin Serial Dot-Matrix Printer Head


  • Q-Management System
  • Measuring instruments
  • POS System
  • Bills and Receipts
  • Toll Gate Receipt
  • Medical Equipment

sPrin-3DD-M03, A 3-Inch Dot-Matrix Printer with nine-pin serial Dot-Matrix Printer Head.


Printing MethodSerial Dot-matrix Printing
Paper Width75.5±0.5 mm
Maximum Paper Thickness0.08 mm
Max. Paper Roll Dia. / Length65 mm / 40 meter
Printing Speed (Max.)4.5 Line/Sec
Printer Life/Reliability10 Million Lines
Character set9x9 , 7x9
Graphics PrintingYes
Barcode PrintingYes
Communication ProtocolSerial/USB/Lan
Command SupportedESC compatible instruction set
Power Adaptor24V / 2.5A
Operating Temperature / HumidityTemperature -10 deg to 50 deg, humidity 20% to 85%RH
Storage Temperature / HumidityTemperature -20 deg to 70 deg, humidity 5% to 95%RH
Weight3.5 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)135x215x105 mm
Anomaly DetectionPaper detection / power detection / Switch cover detection
Receiving Buffer Size4 Kbytes

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