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      1. View real-time location of your vehicles, via Google maps nationwide.
      2. Logging @ 1 Sec to 1 Minute - Adaptive
      3. Alerts for various mechanical warnings, including low oil pressure, high water temperature, brake light failure.
      4. Vehicle operating status, provided at each transmission, including ignition on/off, current speed, accurate odometer reading etc.
      5. Common design for 12/24 V(even 48V)system with a very small change
      6. Scalability of back buffer on event from 100 to 10000 logs with minimum cost escalation implications
      7. Best micro hard real time operating system deployed for a "WILL NOT HANG" software
      8. Geo Fencing to designate an area with a virtual fence.
      9. A Part from IMEI, Device having a UID for each tracker
      10. Door Open Ignition Control
      11. Measure distance from key on to key off.
      12. SOS Button
      13. Authorised Driving(Optional) Vehicle Tracking System
      14. Store Records when unit is offline
      15. Automotive Grade
      17. Dual Band / 2G Only (Low Cost)

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